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Vegan clothing is clothing created without the abuse, exploitation or killing of non-human animals. It is the tangible extension of recognizing non-human animals for the beautiful, intelligent & emotional beings they are & not as resources to be exploited for our vanity.

More often than not, we do not even check what a piece of garment is made of, as long as it looks good and is comfortable. A lot of what we may wear may have extremely cruel origins. You will be surprised to learn how many pieces of clothing actually contain animal derived materials, be it in the form of fabrics or trims. Here’s a list of the fabrics to stay away from if you for a cruelty free shopping experience & where they may be found in your clothing:

  • Leather (hide of cattle, goat, sheep, crocodile, elephant, snakes or other animals)– Jackets, overcoats, pants, dresses, skirts, patches on denim trousers, gloves, hats, belts
  • Wool (protective fleece of sheep or yak)- Winterwear such as sweaters, shawls, suiting material
  • Fur (thick hair growth of animals such as mink, fox, beavers, rabbit or other animals)- Coats, Overcoats, Linings of Coats, Wraps
  • Silk (extracted by boiling silkworm cocoons)- Men’s suiting, linings of expensive suits, Indian silk sarees, pure georgette or chiffon sarees or suits, scarves & stoles, men’s ties, cravats, high end silk satin/ chiffon/ georgette tops & dresses
  • Cashmere/ Pashmina (from fleece of the Tibetan Mountain Goat who are exploited constantly & eventually killed)– Shawls, Scarves & Stoles
  • Shahtoosh (from the fleece of Tibetan Chiru Antelopes which are trapped, killed & skinned)– Shawls, Scarves & Stoles
  • Suede (from various animal skins)– Jackets, Gloves, Belts
  • Down (feathers plucked from the underbelly of live geese and ducks)– As padding or insulation in Winter Coats & Jackets
  • Angora (wool from Angora rabbits)– Sweaters, Scarves, Mittens, Hats
  • Mohair (hair fibre of Angora goat)– Sweaters, Suits, Socks, Scarves, Coats

Luckily, there is no dearth of cruelty free vegan alternatives to all of the fabrics now & its easier now than ever to wear vegan. At Lake Peace, we do not use leather, fur, silk, wool, suede, down or any animal derived raw materials like mother of pearl, shell, feathers or animal bone trimmings to make our clothes. In fact, we’ve gone a step ahead & use only plant-based fabrics which cause minimal ecological damage. Healthier ecosystems translate into better life for animals living in them. We’re also working on some fantastic plant based alternatives to popular animal derived clothing and constantly upgrading our knowledge.

Cruelty-free conscious living is not just reserved for our food. Why limit our Compassion till our dinner table? What we put over our bodies holds as much relevance as what we put inside them. When you buy vegan, you take away the power from an exploitative & abusive animal agriculture industry and say no to death, misery & abuse of millions of earthlings.

They say that fashion is not just clothes but a statement of who you are. If so, then what is the fashion statement you’ll be making today- one of Compassion or one of Cruelty?

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