Fashion made Clean + Compassionate + Conscious.

At Lake Peace, we are redesigning the way the world creates and consumes fashion through our sustainably created natural clothing.

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About Us

At Lake Peace, we are believers of Change and the human resolve to bring it.

That great style and good sartorial choices can be made without hurting our environment, health or our non-human companions. That clothing is meant for comfort and movement. And that- your body deserves all this and more!

Lake Peace was born in 2019, from a studio office in Delhi by Richa Johri, a NIFT Delhi Alumni with a vision to create a conscious fashion label that revered simplicity of design and comfort, and cared for its environmental & social impact.

How we Create

We create our fashion Slow and release limited seasonal collections of inspired classics made with high quality materials and craftsmanship. Every piece is crafted to exude a timeless elegance and is as unique and versatile as it is comfortable. Each Lake Peace garment is thoughtfully designed for free movement and responsibly manufactured to leave minimal environmental footprint.

We create with Compassion and are a 100% Cruelty-free and Vegan brand. We take great care in ensuring that no innocent being has to suffer or die in making our clothing. 

Organic Raw Cotton Image
Organic Raw Cotton Image

Our Fabrics

We work with different varieties of Cotton or kapas, a humble plant-based natural fiber. From Organic and Handwoven Kala Cotton to Naturally Dyed and Handblock printed Cottons to Upcycled Cottons from factory surplus waste- we are constantly exploring new varieties of this natural varieties that can be sustainably transformed into comfortable & beautiful garbs.

Organic Cotton is cultivated without the use of harmful insecticides & nasty chemicals, thereby, promoting  biodiversity and biological cycles and thus, making not only for a great wear but for a better planet too.

Kala Cotton on the other hand is an wild & organic variety of cotton indigenous to the Indian Kutchh region that requires very little irrigation & mostly rain-fed, making it one of the more sustainable cotton varieties.

Our upcycled cotton range is the result of our explorations of affordable sustainable fabrics. These upcycled designs are made with factory surplus waste, a by-product of large scale mass-production of clothing by export houses. We buy these small surplus quantities & upcycle them into limited range designs which are not only stylish & comfortable but come at an easy on the pocket price- a win-win for everyone, including the planet!

Our crafts & our artisans are equally important to us.  We extensively work with hand-block printed and handwoven textiles ( that are traditionally woven on handloom by skilled artisans). Take Dabu Prints for instance, made by handblock-printing a mud-resist pattern over a soft cotton voile dyed in a natural indigo dye extracted from the indigo plant. This age-old printing technique from Rajasthan creates a distinct pattern in indigo that looks like none another & with a rustic charm that can not be replicated by any machine.

We take great care in ensuring that our fabrics are skin-friendly. Our fabrics are dyed with low-impact dyes that are gentle on your skin always.

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